You guys are great! I received my Precepts today and was pleasantly surprised! The quality was better than expected.

Michelle Dirk


Grading Scale

unbalanced-scalesGRADE A BALLS

Grade “A” are “Like New.” Mint condition just like a new ball rolling out of the sleeve. Looks and plays “Like New.” Guaranteed!


Grade “B” are great condition balls that just miss grade “A.” They are shiny white with a small mark or fading to the printing, or may have been marked with magic marker by the balls first owner. The balls are near perfect, and will play like new. Guaranteed!


This is the best deal going! These are all great playable balls. No club marks or peeling clear coat. They may have a small scuff, minor discoloration or the previous owners mark, nothing that will affect the playability of the ball.


Assorted Pro-Line and Name Brand balls are perfect for beginning golfers, your shag bag or that long carry over water.

Practice Balls may be slightly discolored, or may have missing or damaged clear coat. No large cuts, but may have minor nicks or club marks.

Balata Practice balls are a mix of Balatas, Titleist Professional and Tour Prestige that have a nick or small club mark. These balls are much softer than the regular practice balls for golfers that want more feel.